Not all heroes wear capes – A Fathers’ Day dedication from Chief Spud


Not every hero wears a cape. My Hero did not – He wore a collar. A what, you ask? A collar – he was a
Christian Minister, and so he wore the clerical collar as an outward symbol of his vocation.

Growing up in a family of four girls, and being the youngest child in the family, I had looked up to my sisters for a lot of things. But you know, girls hardly wore capes or acted heroic…. Pa was my first hero and the largest Male influence in my life, even up till today.

Pa was a Hakka man, and that meant he knew his way around the house well, and took care of his household well. He provided the meals (literally) and provided Spiritual food as well. King David in the Bible, was described as a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14), and Papa (Rev. David Chan) was also constantly seeking after God’s own heart. In his ministry as a pastor, he sought God and preached God’s Word widely, and in different languages (Japanese, English, Mandarin, & Hokkien). On the home front, Pa would humbly lead by example, and often he would serve up delicious food to the family (sushi, Chinese fare, etc). As a friend to many, he was best known for his immense love for FOOD! He often shared stories, and experiences, and Bible truths, over makan sessions with church congregants and friends. He also easily and quickly made many friends with hawker stall owners as they would often see him queue-ing up at their stalls for the best Chicken Rice and the best Char Kway Teow!

Pa was easily my first (and only human hero other than Ironman from the Marvel series) hero, to introduce me to the wide array of food options. He was this super-man who knew his hawker fare to the best Hotel Buffet deals in town. Which explains why I ventured into the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry with such ease… the passion passed down from his generation to mine.

“Potatoes are usually grown from other potatoes. You plant a whole, small potato, or a piece of a larger one for a new plant. When the conditions are right, the buds will sprout and then develop into independent plants” (excerpt from

Pa passed away 12 years ago – the year I turned 24, a significant Zodiac year. One zodiac cycle later, I still remember Pa fondly, my first hero, the large potato from which I sprouted from. Not all Heroes wear capes, but mine gave me one to wear and to fly high.

This year in 2016, PoTeaTo celebrates its 4th year in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood; a significant year that marks our “independence”, and the celebration of food, and drink (awesome homebrewed Iced Lemon Tea!). And as we celebrate Father’s Day in this Anniversary month, we just want to honour our

Fathers, our true heroes. Simply write a dedication or let us know why Dad is YOUR Hero, in 100 words
or less, and post it to our Facebook OR Instagram accounts by 16 th June 2016, 2359 hours, and stand to
win some grub to share with your hero. Also, for the period of 17 th June to 19 th June 2016, Share a Cup-pa with Papa at PoTeaTo. All drinks will be entitled to 10% off the original price.