99% SME Week!

PoTeaTo is happy to announce that we are participating is Singapore’s first 99% SME Week!

As part of this SME week, we will be having special combo deals during 29 Oct to 1 Nov!* 

Lunch Combo:
1) Choose any Pasta for $15 (U.P: $17.90)
2) Choose any Burger for $18 (U.P: $22.90)
*Top-up $3 for a Regular Iced Drink!
**Top-up $5 for a Regular Iced Drink and Single Scoop Ice Cream!

For every order Small Bites, top-up:
$2 for a Hot Drink;
$3 for an Iced Drink;
$5 for an Iced Drink Float.

Dessert Combo:
Cake + Hot Drink @ $9 ONLY
Cake + Iced Drink @ $10 ONLY
Scone + Pot O’ Tea @ $8 ONLY

*terms and conditions apply